Thursday, August 27, 2009

Still On My Radar

I follow a lot of personal style blogs, but these three girls still continue to amaze me.

1. Queen Michelle (aka Queen of the kick ass legging) from "Kingdom Of Style". I go here for her very avant garde style.

2. Emma Thorn from "Emma's Corner". She has a very classic yet chic style, and all of her pictures look like they belong in a JCrew catalog.

3. Lena from "". She has a great basic style, and knows how to put great looking outfits together from stores we all know and love (and can afford).


  1. queen michelle was one of my first style inspirations. her DIYs are kick-arse. mad respect to her.


  2. Lena's dress is cute. & I want her wedge booties!!!

    Thanks so much for the comment. Great blog!

    xx. Shannon