Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sometimes You Just Have To Say "F***k My Life"!

So Friday was one of the my top 10 weirdest days ever. It was supposed to be of the best of the summer but things (as usual) took a turn for the weird.

I was driving back home (in the dead of night) from the Tori Amos concert I'd been looking forward to all summer. It took place close to my hometown, so something told me to not drive back to my apartment, but to just stay the night at my family's house, 20 minutes away from the venue. Well, since no one was going to be home, I didn't. I was just going to drive into the night and sleep in my own bed. A 3 hour drive isn't that bad right? I mean my friends carpooled all the way back to their apartments. Well I was WRONG!!!!

I ended up getting lost twice from the shitty iphone map application, which of course landed me in some crazy sketchy area. There were actually prostitutes on the side walk. And for some strange reason, my drivers side window decided to shatter! That's right, shatter. Do I know why? NO! To make matters worse, this all went down at 2:00AM. Have you ever had to drive the last 50 miles of a trip with NO drivers side window and glass all over the place? Some even got down the back of my pants! It sucks! How would I have explained that mess if I got pulled over by a State Trooper?

Going 75 mph down a highway in 91% humidity with no window, praying that your windshield doesn't fog up, is bad news bears. iphone maps can go fuck itself!

Fun Times!


  1. omg poor you wow how freaky but how was the concert was it good will you look upon the day sometime in the future and say it was worth it that the whole experience was surreal because of the added prossie shattered window stupid map drama? ha:)x

  2. I think your right! It gives me a story to tell along with the concert. I actually think the whole thing was quite funny actually, like out of a movie. Very Bridgette Jones. It's just funny how when things go wrong, they REALLY go wrong. My life is just one big comedy ;)