Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Trip to NYC

My fabulous work friend Todd, looking well...fabulous.

Me in Soho. The wind was blowing the fuck out of my hair, so it looks really really bad here


Me, in Topshop, about to purchase my Christopher Kane shirt.

I love going on work trips in places that are really close to NYC, because there is always the possibility of getting to go in. We had a full day (catching the first train in, and the very LAST train out) of roaming around Greenwich Village and Soho, which meant more shopping opportunities than anyone can handle in one day (It feels like I went in almost every shop).

I finally got to eat up some cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery (they were SO good!!), and almost lost my damn mind in Topshop! The only downer to the Topshop experience was the cash register girl's ridiculously bad attitude (I know it's busy, but if you don't want to be there...go home!) And even though I'm totally against knock offs, my friend Justin and I couldn't resist buying fake Rolex's on Canal Street. Even I have to admit, they look really really good.

And ending the night with all 8 of us getting a little too tipsy in some random pub in Times Square, made the perfect finale to an amazing day. Well, the 12:40am train ride home was pretty interesting as well.

Todd is wearing:
Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Tie: Ralph Lauren
Scarf: American Eagle
Jacket: The Rugby line by Ralph Lauren
Denim: Ralph Lauren (I think?

Sunnies: Ray Ban

I'm wearing:
Shirt: Ralph Lauren Blue Label
Jacket: The Gap
Belt: Ralph Lauren Blue Label
Denim: RRL line by Ralph Lauren
Boots: Aldo

Purse: The small one from F21 in my last post
Sunnies: Juicy Couture

(What's with all the Ralph Lauren you ask? We work for Ralph Lauren that's all)

crappy pics: my iphone

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