Friday, June 12, 2009

NYC Excursion

I am back from a business trip to New Jersey. I'm kind of excited because this time around, we finished a little early and were able to go into the city! I hadn't been in 2 years. I managed to do a tiny bit of shopping, but was mainly constricted to the Upper West side (which I couldn't afford). Booo! I really can't complain because the trip WAS on the company's dollar. Anyway, you take what you can get. Next time I go up there, I HAVE to get below 14th. There is too much shopping to be had in SoHo.


If you were watching the Today's show Thursday, around the Kathy Lee and Hoda hour, you probably caught the hood of my jacket bobbing up and down behind a random tall guy. I had to jump in order to get on camera. Fun touristy times!

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